I am selling 4 Ed Sheeran tickets to the concert 10-13-18. Message me for details. Will take best offer.
I m looking for a kayak in good condition for my family.
I am passionate about baking and cooking. I would appreciate any items that have to do with cooking and baking
In need of dinning room table and chairs that seats at least six
I'm looking for a structure I can easily assemble and dissemble for my little one to play around in without the constant worry she will get into something she shouldn't. Thanks in advance!
I recycle all unwanted electronics FOR FREE(BROKEN OR WORKING): Printers, flip phones, rotary phones, computer monitors(CRT OR LCD ), computers(of any kind; including parts), laptops, random cords/wires, routers/modems ,etc. You name it I'll pick it up. EVEN BETTER: If you have a bulk amount of these items we can maybe look at wholesale purchases! So don't hold onto your obsolete electronics to...
We re looking for a few wood pallets for basement storage. Will pick up. Thanks!
Looking for a stack of clean newspaper for packing. Thanks!
Will pick up any day you say.
I will be able to pick up washer from any location.
In need of a shovel to dig up some dirt in a yard
Need refrigerator mine quit i have 2 kids
Looking for moving boxes in the waldo/Brookside are!
I am looking for a bassinet for my son due in a few months
In need of a sewing machine
Looking for a medium-sized dog crate for a 50 lb dog. Thanks!
We are in need of 2XL maternity clothes for some of our participants. Thank you!
I live in Harrisonville,MO and I am in need of a microwave. Anything available would be greatly appreciated.
We're looking to build our camping closet for the upcoming fall camping season. We're specifically looking for a hard cooler, heavy duty clear tubs with latches (62 qt or larger), queen size cot. If you have these or any other camping gear you would like to share, please reach out! Thanks
I'd like to find 6-12 pint jars. Lids and rings are not necessary but I'll take them off your hands if you have them to spare. Thanks in advance.
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